Are your clients ready for Christmas-party, sparkly, glittery hair? Of course they are! 

Why you need to be offering Hair Dazzle to your customers right now!

  • Amazing return on investment  (£900 PROFIT from the Salon PRO Pack)
  • Increases average spend of existing customers and encourages new clients to salon
  • Hair Dazzle PRO is a lower cost alternative to extensions or highlighting and colour - with no glue, no heat, no damage, and therefore suitable for clients of all ages.
  • Hair Dazzle PRO has no loose strands - it is made for professional use, attached to a stylist clip
  • Charge £1 - £3 per strand to install
  • Hair Dazzle has been tried and tested by he best in the business, has been endorsed and used by over 5,000 UK salons, approve by top hair and beauty retailers and stores throughout the UK and Europe

Your profit from the HairDazzle PRO Salon Pack

Charge per strand

Total Revenue
PRO Salon Pack (£119.99)

From PRO Salon Pack


The PRO Salon pack includes:

  • 10 packs of our most popular colours with a total of 1,000 strand (Minimum potential revenue - £1,000)
  • A3 promotional poster
  • Clip ring to keep all your Hair Dazzle colours together for easy display to clients
  • Online marketing folder of celebrity images, hi res images, logos and poster artwork available to promote your new salon service


10 Pack Colour Range