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So if you haven't already seen, we've just dropped a brand new range of Glitter Gels to keep you sparkly for the whole party season. We don't mean to brag but they're a pretty big deal.

Vegan, crulty-free and totally mess-free, Glitter Gloop is the first self-adhering, and holographic chunky glitter gel EVER, and we think you'll love as much as we do. Did we mention it comes with a cute pink applicator brush?!


And to make it even easier for you, we've pulled together 5 ways to style the glitter gel product of dreams, no effort required.


Glitter roots are not for those who like to blend in. But we're all about standing out, and getting sparkly whatev's the occasion. A fave for festial hair, Glitter Roots are also the perfect touch up for the Christmas Party season to add some glam to your life - and you hair! If you're wearing your hair down, apply a little Glitter Gloop gel along your parting to look like you've been sprinkled in fairy dust. We also love love love glitter roots with updo's and braids.


Simply prep your party and spray any baby hairs down with hair spray so your parting is nice and neat. Dip your applicator brush into the GLitter Gloop pot and scoop up a dollop of glitter gel. One of the BEST things about our glitter gels is that there's no loose glitter so this step is easy peasy. Paint it along the parting and leave a few seconds to dry. If you want to add more sparkle or increase the intensity of the colour, simply repeat , allowing the gel to dry a little after each application.





Glitterage was one of the hottest hair trends to pop up last year and, neing a sucker for all things sparkly, we of course love it! A play on the 'Ballyage' style, Glitter is painted onto strands of hair for glittery, temporary highlights. Even if it's a little too much for your daily look, this ones perfect for the Christmas nights out.




If you're partial to a little bit of leopard now and then, then our Wild Heart Coat is the one for you! Pair with a transparent bag and some matching earrings to transform your look from day to night in a flash. 


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Cherubs will literally be calling your name from the heavens above once you slip this dreamy Lovesick coat on! Team with a cute crossbody bag and one of our signature tees to match for a 10/10 vibe.

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Last but certainly not least, meet our Midnight Stripe Fur Coat. Pair this lavish jacket with some pearlescent earrings and some sassy black sunnies and you've got yourself a serious statement outfit!

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Well, that’s our party hair sorted! 


If Christmas isn’t the time to go bold with your hair then we don’t know when is. Much like our dearly-loved festival season, December is all about getting a little glitter happy and adding a touch of glam to our lives – and our hair!

So when the glitterage hair trend started sweeping across our social channels, you can probably imagine the glee on our faces. Yep, the hair trend to end all hair trends has arrived just in time for this season’s festivities, and is sure to inspire your Christmas and New Years party look!

Glitterage hair is the new trend sparkling up our social media

What is glitterage hair?

Much like the glitter rainbow hair trend that we’ve been loving this year, glitterage is a temporary hair technique that doesn’t use permanent colouring. Instead, stylists are using glitter hair gels to create the desired finish. No commitment hair colouring? Count us in! Credit: @daniellewadehair