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What makes HairDazzle the BEST?
Quite simply - because we are the only company in the UK and Europe that manufacture such a product specifically for professional hair use. Our products are the highest quality, the BEST sparkle and colours, the strongest fibres and will NOT melt into you or your clients hair with the use of hair straighteners. We do not manufacture any of our products in China and do not use pre packaged 'hair tinsel'.

HairDazzle is the leading brand for professional use and we are commited to developing fantastic products.

How to attach HairDazzle?
You can attach Hair Dazzle yourself but it is easier to have someone else do it, so we suggest getting a friend to help. Better still get it done professionally at a salon that offers the hairdazzle service, as the right application will ensure it lasts much longer!  For best results, apply HairDazzle to slightly damp or unwashed hair. A standard application takes between 10 - 20 strands of hair tinsel.

What is HairDazzle made of?
Hair Dazzle hair tinsel is made of polyester fibre. The polyester means HairDazzle is heat resistant up to 200°C.

How long will HairDazzle last in my hair?
Hair Dazzle hair tinsel will last for 1 - 3 weeks in hair, depending on how you take care of your hair and how well they've been attached. On average people shed 100 hairs a day so the HairDazzle may fall out as your hair naturally sheds.

How do I remove HairDazzle?
Hair Dazzle hair tinsel can be removed anytime in a couple of ways:

** Hold the knot between your fingernails. Hold the hair the Hair Dazzle is tied to. Gently pull the knot along the hair strands until the HairDazzle comes out. Do not pull the knot too hard as you may pull the natural hair out from the root.

** Take hold of one single strand of Hair Dazzle and cut it close to the knot, making sure you do not cut your own hair. This will loosen the knot and the HairDazzle will slide out of the hair.

Will HairDazzle damage my hair?
Hair Dazzle will not damage your hair and will not affect any hair colouring or highlights you may have. They simply tie onto the hair root.

Can I use hair straighteners with HairDazzle?
Yes, you can use hair straighteners, curling tongs and blow dry your hair with Hair Dazzle. Hair tinsel is heat resistant up to 200C and will not melt. We suggest you keep the straighteners moving. If you leave the straighteners in place longer than is recommended, your Hair Dazzle may curl slightly. You can fix this by switching to a lower temperature setting and re-straightening the Hair Dazzle strand.

Can I return my HairDazzle?
Unless you have received an incorrect order, all sales are final.

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